our fab story


Beauty is more than skin deep, but lets face it 

with the constant reminders and pressures of self perfection, 

as women we sometimes find ourselves overwhelmed. 

It can be difficult keeping up with beauty trends or even simply looking our best

 without overdoing it on even the "natural days". 


Here at TransformByJo, it is my duty to listen to your concerns 

and needs so I can execute them to the best of my abilities. 

Each service I provide is unique to each client's needs. 

My goal is to provide all my clients with quality work 

and great customer service that embodies the 

views of this company and brand.

With over ten years of experience with hair and 


I have learnt to perfect my craft and utilize different ways to achieve 

realistic and or overdramatized results. 

I believe that women can and should be able to feel just as beautiful

 on the outside as they aspire to be. 

You'll be amazed how a new hairstyle 

and a few tweaks to your brows and lashes 

can change your life. 

Yours Truly,