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I've been a serial hair extension fanatic for more than half my live. I've gone through the good, the bad and unfortunately the ugly. Late last year I decided to stop torturing myself and take better care of my hair when I realized how badly damaged my hair had gotten from my neglect. I had to stop hiding what I had done due to laziness and me kinda just giving up. Plain and simple I needed to make a change before I couldn't. I previously had started the process of switching to micro links but due to me still learning the technique I hadn't quite mastered how to create the volume much less care routine with my at the time rigorous schedule. You see, I have natural fine hair so my hair easily gets frizzy when its humid and lets not forget my thin edges that I made worse with sew ins and my experiments with lacewigs. So here we are, my already thin edges now thinner from breakage and my leave out damaged from heat and neglect.

In Late February I did a deep treatment and a cut along with one last sew in. This was my first attempt at bringing my hair back. Every week I did a co wash/wash and and tried to oil my scalp every two days to retain moisture. When I finally took my hair down I saw more length in the fuller parts of my hair but noticed even more damage to my edges and leave out from the constant strain on my natural hair from one wearing the same hairstyle and weight of my hair extensions constantly tugging my growing hair. I took a break for a few weeks and honestly I didn't feel like myself without the extra hair. Due to how disproportionate the front of my hair was from the rest of my hair, I was forced to cut it into a bob which didn't help as much. This left me force with the option of updos till I felt comfortable enough to add hair extensions back in the mix of my hair routine.

I started practicing more with microlinks and testing out some theories I already had learnt on the technique. I wanted to fully prove to myself that is technique would prove to be ideal for my specific case. I needed something that would protect my hair and force me to consistently treat and take care of my hair while giving me the versatility and fulness I desired. In April I took the leap and carefully sectioned of the weaker parts of my edges and strategically mapped out what parts would be left untouched. I made sure not to leave out too much hair and began installing my RAW WAVY HAIR. After I installed the back I was really pleased with how light and versatile it was and I continued. Once I was done I was amazed with how full but light the install turned out. All my edges were out so I was able to moisturize them accordingly daily and I could also easily maneuver my fingers through my scalp to lubricate as much I needed.

Video: After initial install ( reference to thin struggle edges )

I wear a silk bonnet or wrap every night and use a combination of peppermint oil and caster oil on my edges and scalp between my rows of tracks. I must say this has been effective for the health of my hair. On wash day I wash my hair first with a clarifying shampoo then with a moisturizing shampoo. Next I deep condition my hair under a shower cap or dryer for 30 mins to an hour before rinsing. Blow dry on medium heat with heat protector and argon oil mix before styling. I heat style my hair once a week or only when necessary. The amount of styles that can be achieved with this install is unbelievable.

pony tail test

half up half down

middle part

side part

So it's been almost a month since I've had this install and I'm more than pleased with the outcome my hair is already healthier and my edges are already flourishing from this choice. this style is ideal for thinner hair if you want to add length or volume. However if you have full hair and just want to add length with the convenience of micro links then this technique is absolutely for you.

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