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I've been using Neutrogena skin products for the past 13 years and it by far has been the best option for my face. I have tried proactive, clean and clear, clinique and a few other lines but this by far in regards to cost and results is my go to. I have combination skin so I have to use different products that benefit me and having freckles sure doesnt make it any easier. Neutrogena has

a mixture of different products suitable for different skin types. Trust me when I say I've heard it all and I can tell you that no one product is gonna solve your acne issues. Its not always about what you're eating and drinking, sometimes its hormones and heredity or even simple hygienic habits. 

The first step is learning your body and testing the waters to see what might make a difference in your skin. for someone that works out a lot or wears makeup frequently a simple face wash will not cut it. About six years ago my face started breaking out alot in my T zone area and at first I couldn't figure out what the problem was. I was still doing the same thing, face wash toner then moisturize, but nothing seemed to be working. I even switched products and it got worse. so i ended up switching back to Neutrogena and kept my routine the same. Interestingly I so happened to run out of the foundation I was using at the time and a week later my skin was back to normal. I then realized that the problem was my makeup somehow it got contaminated. long story short there were other occasions which assured me to stick with this company. I don't always remember to wash my face but I can always feel secure knowing that my skincare routine is a solid one even on the hormonal imbalance days.

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