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Lets talk about eye lash extensions!

Not something you can try at home!!

Eye lash extensions aren't your regular one nighter strip lash or individual lash process. This service is serious stuff that includes patience, fumes and PROFESSIONAL help.

What you need to know....

Just like temporary lashes this semi permanent option can bring your eyes from drab to fab. The process involves your lash tech taking one lash hair at a time, for classics or lash fans for more dense sets, and adhering them to each of your natural lashes individually (unless its volume lash sets). The actual process takes about two to three hours based on your lash line density and tech speed. Lash Extensions come in a variety of lengths, curls and thickness. Its up to your lash tech along with your guidance to choose the most ideal lash type suitable for you. In this article I'm going to cover all you need to know before jumping into eyelash extensions.

After setting your first appointment the first thing you are going to want to figure out is the density of lashes you would like. Lash sets come in four popularly known sets; Classic, Hybrid, Volume, and Mega Volume. Density plays a really big part in how your lash extensions will be applied and along with the type of lashes used.

Classic lashes are applied one by one to each individual lash. This set is the most natural set that can be achieve and can range from short to long depending on the eye shape or reasonable request of the client. The lash density most commonly used for these sets are .10 , .15 and .20

Hybrid lashes also known as mixed lashes. This set involves single lashes and 2-4 D lash fans which is when more than one lash is grouped and adhered together to be attached to one single lash. The density most commonly used to achieve these sets are .10, .15, .20 classics and .5, .07 and .10 volume fans

Volume and Mega Volume Lashes completely consists of just lash fans. These two sets vary from the density of lash fans used to achieve these sets. Volume lash density is based on natural lash density and volume lash density used. It will be up to your lash tech to choose the appropriate density and thickness. 4D and 5D fans are mostly used for volume sets and involve .03, .05, or .07 thickness. Mega volume requires 5D up to 10D at .03 or .05 thickness for the full fluffy look.

It is important that this service is performed by a trained professional since the materials used in this procedure can be quite harmful to ones eyes if not properly handled. Also be sure to ask about the type of glue or primer being used, due to the fact that some customers can experience allergic reactions from non hypoallergenic products. I repeat do not try this at home!!!

Lash sets typically last from 2 weeks up to 5 weeks depending on your lifestyle, lash cycle or the quality of adhesive used. Once your lashes start shedding for any of the prior reasons mentioned, it is now time to do a fill. I implore you to practice proper hygiene by washing your lashes when you wash you face in between your fills. This is very important to combat bacteria, build up, infections and etc. Your eyelids should not be sore or irritated hours or days after services nor should your lashes be adhered to your eyelids.If your tech does this it is important to remove this set immediately because you will be in for a world of pain!

above is a video demonstrating how to properly clean your lashes daily to remove makeup, bacteria, and dirt to maintain healthy lashes.

If there is ever a case in which you need to remove your lashes yourself... Don't! If your lashes are properly or even worse, recently applied, your are not getting those bad boys off on your own. There is no amount if oil or hot water that will take them out. You will damage your lashes doing this. The process of removal should also be done by a professional because not doing so will result in lash hair loss or irritation. With proper maintenance and application your lashes will remain healthy and full.

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