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Updated: May 15, 2020

We all know hair extensions come in many different varieties and based on your hair type and density your options can vary. About a year ago I learnt a lot about this technique which is still unknown to a lot of stylists. After a vast amount of research and practice I felt confident enough to start offering this hair extension install to my clients. Microlinks are a healthy technique because it does not involve any excessive tension, glue nor braids.

This technique gets its name because of its key component. The key component to this installation are the small plastic beads that are installed by looping small portions of your hair inside the beads and clamped shut with special pliers to hold unto hair. Before you get worried this process is way less tension on your hair and scalp than any traditional sew in or pony tail style. There are three popular known variations of this method. I currently only offer two out of the three which are;

{1) The Braidless Sewin method - this process involves hair being looped and clamped inside microbeads strategically placed in rows before hair tracks are sewn one by one to each row of on top of beads.

{2) Invisible Bead method - this method does not include any thread but a looper, bead pliers, microbeads and your double wefted track hair. in this process beads are completely hidden by tracts.

This install typically lasts two months depending on your hair texture. it is imperative that your installation is retightened at least every four weeks when your hair is at least an inch outgrown from initial placement. Microlinks are unique because of how versatile, seamless and undetectable they are in comparison to other methods. Costs can range from $200 - $500 depending on the variation of this technique used.

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