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Tape ins are hair strands adhered to a paper thin keratin tape sandwich, it is a convenient low maintenance option in hair extensions that do require a bit of commitment. As with any set of hair extensions they allow you to have versatility and can transform a drab hairstyle into volumes of long bountiful tresses. Unlike clip ins this hair cannot be removed daily and we recommend seeking professional service for this install. This hair extension option is ideal for customers with thin to medium hair short or lengthy.

It is required to remove your extensions every 8-10 weeks for treatments, trimming and reapplication. You can wash, and heat style this hair option safely. When installed properly tape ins are undetectable and can offer a convenience of styles. the removal process is pretty simple but in most cases you will need assistance. Coconut oil is the most natural and safest way for removal. Just lightly heat up coconut oil in a squeeze bottle and squeeze between sandwich pieces. Let it sit for a while then slowly try separating the sandwich. If they don't separate with ease repeat the process till sandwich is removed completely without tension.

below is a video in referrance to the above entry.... light tape in application on client.

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