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Wigs ! the bad.. the ugly

Updated: May 15, 2020

This article is to highlight mostly the negative impacts of wigs ...

We all know the new trend of wig life is on the rage. Wigs are convenient, edgy, and transformative. However, many arent talking about the lows of "wig life", its almost like some secret topic that only very few are willing to discuss. As with any protective ar hair extension style there are pros and cons and my oh my lets just say wigs can have a very dark side... glueless or adhered it doesnt matter. You can go from luschous edges to patch work in weeks.

Its not all simple, there are multiple factors than can lead to your beautiful tresses and scalp achig for TLC but bottom line wigs can definely play a huge part in distress on your hair if you ignore tell tale signs.

I'll never forget my second wig install how after removing the hair i was shocked to realise I had a bald spot and thining in other parts in the front of my hair.

I still had my edges and didnt suffer hair loss from glue becuse there wasnt any on or near my hair. the results were from a mild allergic reaction to the got to be glued Inused to lick my hair down with a cap and also a combination of that with sweating that blocked my pores.

I also realized that the bald spot was on the side of my head that i slept on. IT took a few weeks with caster oil, coconut oil and peppermint oil for my edges to look like this!

All in all I realised that even when applied properly without adhesive and with adhesive what preventive measures

If you work out and or sweat excessively, it is in your best interest to not wear your wig consistently for more than a week without washing your hair. Excessive sweat can lead clogged pores and bacteria build up resulting in hairloss.

If your scalp feels sore at or close to your hair line (edges) immediately remove wig, wash and moisturize!

If you are using the bald cap method ( cap with got to be glue ) make sure you are not allergic to product before use! Got to be Glued can cause scalp sensitivity and result in hair loss for some.


If its too late for you and if you are as I have ... are currently suffering from a little baldness, here are some things you can try.

Jamaican black caster oil

olive oil

coconut oil

pepermint oil

Massage into scalp as needed moderately once daily. Make sure you are not wearing a tight scarf as this can cut off the needed circulation to your scalp, the less tension the better.

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